EP Management provides support in business development and growth projects for small and medium-sized businesses and startups. With a large number of business growth cases, EP Management has solid experience in implementing growth projects.

EP Management has a strong execution capability in customer projects and provides business consultancy in close collaboration with the management to ensure that the plan, the necessary activities and the goals are met.

Erik Plauborg

CEO and partner


EP Management is led by Erik Plauborg who is an internationally experienced senior manager with plus 20 years of experience from international industrial companies (eg FOSS; GN Netcom, Danfoss) and eight years in consulting.

Erik Plauborg has solid experience in strategy, business development, operations, marketing, sales and project management. With deep technology and commercial understanding, Erik provides business development with the ambition to create value-based growth.

EP Management helps companies clarify their value proposition and optimize sales and, thereby, give them time to meet more customers.